How to make a puppet (Wayang kulit)


One of types of puppet is Wayang kulit. Wayang kulit made from buffalo leather that is processed into sheets of skin. Buffalo leather that newly exfoliated dried in the sun with a stretched position. If the weather is cloudy, the whole buffalo leather surface sprinkled with salt water for not quickly decay. After dried, buffalo leather soaked for one night, then dry in the sun again. After dried for the second stage, the feathers that attached to the skin scraped with a knife.


One puppet needs about the size of 50 x 30 centimeters sheets of skin, and then carved with the equipments which used is pointed iron of good quality steel. Steel is made previously in a variety of shapes and sizes, there is a sharp, flat, small and big size, and others form that each have different functions. Next, make a few small hole in the part of puppet’s body.Then performed the installation part of body like hands, there are two connections at the hands, upper arm and elbow. How to connet it ?. With a small screw made of buffalo horn or cow.


The first thing to do is copy an image or existing pattern. Then, cut it appropriate the form. Then coloring the puppets.

processed to made puppet

Some puppet (Wayang kulit) has colored

This posting will be continue next time. Indonesian still has a lot of Masterpiece, so don’t miss it

Source by : Wikipedia
Picture by : Google


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