Gamelan is one of Traditional Music

Gamelan is music ensemble which usually showed metallophones, such as : xylophone (Gambang), drums (Gendang), and gongs (Gong). The term of gamelan refers to the instruments/tools which is a unified whole that is realized and sounded together. The word itself of gamelan comes from java language. Gamel is means hit/beat, and followed by an ending that makes a noun.

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How to make a puppet (Wayang kulit)


One of types of puppet is Wayang kulit. Wayang kulit made from buffalo leather that is processed into sheets of skin. Buffalo leather that newly exfoliated dried in the sun with a stretched position. If the weather is cloudy, the whole buffalo leather surface sprinkled with salt water for not quickly decay. After dried, buffalo leather soaked for one night, then dry in the sun again. After dried for the second stage, the feathers that attached to the skin scraped with a knife.

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The Puppet (Wayang) Show

Glimpse of the puppet (Wayang)

Wayang (puppet), is a performing art native Indonesian which was rapidly growing in Javanese island and Bali island. UNESCO, a agency  that oversees the culture of the United Nations (PBB), on 7 November 2003 set a wayang as a shadow puppet show a famous from Indonesian, a masterpiece of world heritage which is invaluable in the art speak. Many countries has a puppet show too. However, a shadow puppet show (Wayang) in Indonesian has a own style and unique, which was originality masterpiece from Indonesian.  Therefore, UNESCO put it into world heritage list in 2003.

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